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I received my gift for the Cabin Pressure Secret Santa (organized by the fantastic icarusing) in the mail last Thursday and I am still a puddle of feels. I don’t mind at all that it came after Christmas, it was perfectly on time for my birthday, which was this pas Saturday :D My Santa, Emily, knitted this gorgeous Martin Crieff scarf!! Ahhh the colours are so stunning, and it’s just amazingly thick and warm *u* perfect for this Canadian winter! It’s already -20°C dear God… “OTL but this scarf came just in time for the drop in temperature and I’m just so happy ;A; I literally rolled around in it and screamed for about 5 minutes after opening it. Is that too weird..? ah who cares! ;D I was secretly hoping my gift would be a scarf, and it was totally worth the wait and suspense!! I understand that knitting takes a while, no worries that it came after Christmas! Ahhhh I’m just so happy I could explooooode sahfjgha;shghg; thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU QuQ this is the best present dhjalghjjhg I love this fandot <33 

Emily, thank you SO MUCH, I truly love the gift and it is very very appreciated!! You get a big hug from me, and I’ve already mailed you a little thank you gift because you’re so wonderful and I’m just djksafhsldglsghsa you’re super talented, I hope you keep knitting, your work is just excellent QuQ THANK YOU!!!! <3333 brb while I go flail about and roll in my scarf some more~!

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